教案精选:高中英语《life in the future》教学设计


本单元围绕㈠life in the future这一主题开展听、说、读、写多种教学活动,让学生想象未来人们的住房、交通、商业、医药与健康、知识与教育等方面,这些话题能激发学生的想象力,培养发散性思维。学生通过本单元学习,能拓展知识曲,不仅了解到日前社会各个领域的发展状况,并且能学会科学地预测未来,让学生关注社会、了解社会,并为实现美好的未来而努力学习。
在经过前几个课时“热身”(Warming up),“听力部分”(Listening),“口语”(Speaking),“读前”(Pre-reading),“阅读”(Reading),“读后”(Post--reading)和“语言学习”(Language study)后,学生对本单元的话题已形成基本框架,同时也掌握了----些新单词来描述未来,这些都为学生“综合技能”(Integrating skills)打下基础。
“综合技能”(integrating skills)部分包括:
2.阅读训练2:练习册(Workbook)里的阅读通过对farmers,marketing people,people who work with computers,以及teachers目前和未来工作状况和工作形式的比较,鼓励学生为在未来生活中找到立足之地而努力学习。
3。写作训练:设想你刚从2108年旅游回来,你看到了一个叫Mogray的新发明,要求学生写一篇文章,解释What is a Mogray? What does it look 1ike? How does it work? What is it used for?通过表格列出了提纲和问题,供学生参考,为学生写作的内容利方法
Focus:speaking,reading & writing
Teaching Aims:
1.To encourage the students to use their imagination to talk about life in the future
2.To improve the students speaking ability
3.To enjoy a letter from Mekanika in the year 3044
4.To learn to write a description of an invention
Teaching difficult points:
I.How to write a definition paragraph with the guide
2.How to encourage the students to make full use of their imagination
Teaching Methods:
1.Asking-and-answering activity to go through the whole period
2.Individual,pair or group work to make every student wok in class
Teaching Aids:
Multimedia projector
Teaching Procedures:
Step1 Lead--in
Welcome to our happy future English program. Just as usual, I’ll divide you into 4 groups. After our competition, we’ll choose the winner, and the winner will get a surprise. Our competition will begin.
What’ll happen in 2008 in China?
What will life be like in the year 2108 in China?
Ask 2 or 3 students to answer. Then let the students discuss in groups and design a questionnaire.
Ask questions about the future in different areas of life, for example business, family life, transportation, education, etc.
Make the students ask and answer these questions in the form of competition. Also tell them the rules of competition. If they ask 1 question, they’ll get 1 point. If they answer 1 question, also 1 point. 1 person can ask at most 2 questions. (to make more students to take part in the competition)
Step 2 Reading1
Make a summary of the competition, and tell them to think over where the future is going?
Read the passage on workbook. And then discuss in groups of four. Go on asking and answering questions about future according to this passage. (competition) For example: what’ll farmers do in the future?
Step 3 Listening
Let us enjoy a letter from Mekanika. Listen to the tape. What does Mekanika tell us in the letter? (competition)
Main idea
Mekanika describes an e-friend. She explains what it is.
What it looks like and how people use it.
Mekanika describes an idea, namely virtual reality.
What is virtual reality? Could you please use an example to explain?
Step 4 Reading2
Read the first paragraph and fill in the chart.
Makanika’s e-friend
What does it look like?
How does it work?
What can it be used for?

Step 5 Speaking
In the year of 2108, the world will totally change with the development of new technologies. Many new inventions will be made. Imagine one day your travel in the year of 2108 and see a wonderful machine called Mogray. Describe what a Mogray is.
Work in pairs and decide what a Mogray is. We only know it is a thing or a machine. Complete the chart below.
What does it look like?
How does it work?
What can it be used for?

Step 6 Writing
Use the chart above to help you write your paragraph. Correct one or two passages together with the students.
Step7 Conclusion
We cannot predict exactly how bright our future will be., but at least we have dreams and we can hope. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is present. That’s why we call it gift. So let’s value today!
Step7 Homework
Assign homework. Write their paragraph in exercise books.
评议者1:对于公开课来说,一般教师都不会选择Integrating skills,因为此部分难以组织学生思考,也没有任何套路可以参考。而该教师极度具创新精神,融合丙篇阅读于一体,采用竞赛的形式圆满完成了教学任务。要说有不足的话,就是课件有一个链接出了点错误,这在公开课上应该是绝对避免的。
评议者2:这是具有创新意义的一堂英语课,突出了学生学习的自主性,成功地完成了教学目标 ,充分调动了学生的积极性。教师备课充分,努力发掘教学资源。
评议者3:条理清晰,节奏明快,有起伏。表扬用语丰富,能充分鼓动学生参与到活动中。课件制作精美。如果能把板书设计 的更有新意就很完美了。


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